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Terri-Lee Harrington
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I should start a new account under the Sena user name, as that's what most of my online friends know me as, but that's just way too much effort. ^^;

Sena, rindaimaiou, rindai, horatia_d_sena, hdsena ... they're all me.

Now comes the tedious sorting stage where you have no idea where ANYTHING is.


Sailor Ursa Minor by rindaimaiou
Sailor Ursa Minor
Well, I finished her two days before the deadline...but I'm still not happy with her. She has been one of the hardest OCs I've ever done in terms of her appearance. I haven't had any issues with her personality, but I've been through about 4 visual designs and still just aren't satisfied. ]:<

Civilian Name: Quamaniq Kinguyakki (Inuit, meaning: Beam of Light, and Northern Lights) Most people just call her Niq

Race: Inuit/Inuktitut, lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Age: 27

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 130 lbs

Body Shape: Lean-muscled and pear shaped with very large/wide hips and thighs, and very small breasts

Clothing: Niq wears very modest and over-sized clothing, mostly long dresses and skirts, layers, with traditional fur boots, large leather bags, and the occasional piece of Native Canadian jewellery. Her glasses are mostly for reading only

Occupation: Librarian/Archivist

Sexual Identity: Cis female

Sexual Orientation: Hetero-Greysexual

Family: Grandmother, Grandfather (previous Sailor Ursa Minor, the brooch and the spirit of Ursa Minor herself, is passed down the family line to the oldest child of each new generation, male or female), Mother, Father, 4 brothers, 1 sister, an aunt and twin cousins (fraternal, boy and girl)

Personality: Niq is very introverted, but she is not shy. She just prefers to keep her own company. She is very observant and likes to people-watch. She loves her books and is constantly reading and researching anything that piques her interest (Psychology and serial killers, science fiction and fantasy, quantum physics, oceanography, women's history and human sexuality, etc) Niq rarely ever talks, and many people assume she can't. Her Grandfather calls her an old soul and she is considered by some in the community to be an Elder/Medicine Woman, so she is very respected when she does decide to speak. In her Senshi form she is elegant and regal. In civilian life Niq is the exact opposite and is quite clumsy. This is embarrassing to her, so she tries to never move too quickly. Not saying she can't, she's like a real bear, they don't look like they'd be fast, but boy, they're faster than you are, and you don't ever want to find that out the hard way! She does possess a fantastic sense of direction and finds it impossible to get lost, even if she wanted to (ie., being spontaneous on a vacation and finding the non-touristy spots)

Hobbies/Likes: Archery, hunting, reading, swimming, napping, food

Dislikes: She'll never tell, and you'll never know

Friends/Acquaintances: Niq doesn't have close friends due to her serious, quiet,and introverted nature (and her passive ability prevents closeness, see below) but she is the type of calm and quiet person that can get along with pretty much everyone, and people find it easy to talk to her about pretty much anything. She never shares secrets though, so anything you tell her goes to the grave with her.

Sailor Ursa Major (NeonGlitterTrash) Is a friend due to the connection of their constellations, and one of the few people that do not get uncomfortable being close. They never physically touch though, as touch bothers Nadetta. The free donuts are an extra bonus. :D
Sailor Sagittarius (sailorx161) His pessimism doesn't bother her, and archery is one of her civilian hobbies.
Sailor Equuelus (purenightshade) Eachna's biggest fear is getting lost, and since Niq cannot get lost, she can be quite a calming presence.
Sailor Auriga (Sakura-Chirari) He is a loyal friend, and Niq's quiet doesn't seem to bother him. He is one of very few people who can actually stand to touch her, and she has discovered that hugs are an OK thing.
Sailor Dorado (nickyflamingo) Her grumpy goldfish reading buddy.
Sailor Orion (WingsForDreams) Quiet, solitary, you-stay-on-your-side-of-the-room-and-i'll-stay-on -mine reading companion only
Guardian/Warrior Lupus (SailorAlcyone) He's Niq's swimming companion, and Big Bro Protector. It can be very overwhelming for Niq to be around a lot of high energy people, and the signs she's reached her limit are pretty subtle. He'll go out of his way to turn on the charm and distract everyone, allowing Niq a reprieve.

Senshi Name/Previous Life Name: Arcady Lodestar (literally just two other names for Polaris, the North Star, which is the brightest star in this constellation and is a large part of her identity) Her soul is imbedded into her brooch, and passed down generation by generation.

Differences between human form and Senshi form: Physically looses about 2 inches, making her about 5". Her hair and eyes change colour when she transforms, from normal black hair (faux-hawk/both sides of head shaved, very long on top) and dark green eyes to white hair (full head of hair) and vivid blue eyes. She also only has the facial and body tattoos in her Senshi form

Offensive Ability: Malina's Atuqtuaq (Inuit meaning - A Solar Deity Sings) is a sub-sonic screaming/roaring attack. There is no audible noise, but the sound wavelength itself causes pain, disorientation, and temporary deafness

Passive Ability: Yakone (Inuit meaning - Red Aurora) is a naturally occurring electromagnetic field that all Sailor Ursa Minor's are born with. It blocks small attacks and allows her to sense any living thing nearby. No one can sneak up on her, and it actually causes people to be really creeped out in her presence. Niq has a pretty large personal space bubble because of this

Weapon: The Harpoon Anuniaq (Inuit meaning - Hunter of Food or Knowledge) when it hits the enemy it sends a very strong electromagnetic pulse through the rope and shocks the enemy like a high powered taser

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
Constellation Senshi © :iconconstellation-senshi:
Sailor Ursa Minor/Arcady Lodestone/Quamaniq "Niq" Kinguyakki © rindaimaiou

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