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Terri-Lee Harrington
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I should start a new account under the Sena user name, as that's what most of my online friends know me as, but that's just way too much effort. ^^;

Sena, rindaimaiou, rindai, horatia_d_sena, hdsena ... they're all me.

I am trying to decide if I want to join the :iconcrystalanimamates: group or not. there are a ton of members from :iconconstellation-senshi:  so I've already interacted with a lot of members. I have a crystal, an animal, and even a basic character already developed.
However... I can't even keep up with the tasks for the group I'm already a part of, and my depression may be low grade, but it's constant (Dysthymia -… if anyone's curious). So I don't see my output increasing any time in the future.
...but the character is already partially developed.
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam
Ugh. Decisions, decisions.
  • Listening to: Saturday night party/request radio
  • Reading: I have like, 10 books on the go rn
  • Eating: Leftover pepperoni pizza
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Starlight Bluffs Au by rindaimaiou
Starlight Bluffs Au
Seasonal Task 16: Starlight Bluffs

Welcome to the frontier town of Starlight Bluffs. It’s pretty quiet around here, mostly, though we get a few problems with bandits and outlaws from time to time. Nearest railroad is a good half a day’s ride by wagon, but we do all right by ourselves. We have two saloons, a comfort inn, and the church is band new. Pony express and coach come on the regular. It’s a place where a person can make something of themselves if they work hard enough, and we hope you enjoy your stay, or you can talk to the town mayor, Gaia, and see if you have a skill the town could use on a more permanent basis.
We have been having a problem lately though, a rich developer and gold magnate, goes by the name of Cepheus, wants our land. Says he’s willing to pay everyone off to move away so the town can be torn down. Well, we aren’t interesting in selling to some rich city-slicker, this is our home. He didn’t like no for an answer, so he’s been sending his hired goons after us, making life harder. Everyone’s pulling together to show we don’t intimidate easily, and we aren’t giving up.

Who are you in Starlight Bluffs?
OBJECTIVE:  Design a Wild West version of your character and give them a job/role (select below) and a little bio/backstory within the world of Starlight Bluffs.

*No one was sure who she was, or where she had come from. She had just showed up in town one day; riding a dainty, prissy mule, leading the most god-awful huge and ornery work horse anyone had ever seen, followed by a dog that most were convinced was really a tame wolf. She did, however, have some of the finest furs many of the towns-folk had ever seen, and after a few visits was selling and trading quite successfully. Rumours flew around that she was from somewhere north, some even speculated she was from as far north as Alaska. So they simply began calling her Alaska. Her real name was Tanneraq, and she was from the North, just not the part people assumed. She had left everything behind in the Canadian North when her Grandfather and the other elders saw she was meant for something other than their semi-nomadic lifestyle. She spent many years wandering the wilds before finding herself drawn to Starlight Bluffs. She has been self-sufficient all her life, and is far more at ease out in the wild-lands than she ever will be inside town limits, but this town wasn't so bad. She wasn't "just an Indian" here, she had a place in the workings of the town. A small one maybe, but one all the same.

The townsfolk quickly learned she wasn't able to talk at all, but she made herself understood well enough. It was only the rich, out-of-town visitors that made the erroneous assumption that she was deaf and dumb as well as mute. One particularly young and arrogant boy made several not so nice comments about her one day as she sat quietly outside the General Store, minding her business. (This practice of verbal degradation by the rich and wealthy, unfortunately, wasn't an uncommon occurrence. She had met Cepheus Le Roy himself this way, and developed a great dislike of the man and his attitude in general.) Several townsfolk were there to witness her walk over to that young buck...and politely punch him in the face, breaking his nose. After seeing the town doctor the boy had immediately demanded the Sheriff bring her in for punishment. His suggestion of hanging was promptly glared down rather severely by both the Sheriff and his Deputy. Once word got back to the Mayor about his suggestion, she promptly banned him from ever setting foot in Starlight Bluffs again. Later that day the Mayor received a fairly well written note thanking her for her kindness, and very grateful for the down-right neighbourly support she received from all the townsfolk. Asking around it was quickly discovered that while Alaska had went to the schoolhouse and borrowed the pen and paper, she had written the note all on her own. She most definitely was neither deaf nor dumb.

Holy god, this took FOREVER!
And as much as I like it...there is almost nothing original about this piece, it is SO heavily referenced. The main idea was a Western movie poster (might have been the french version of Once Upon a Time in the West, but I'm not sure) and an old west painting, but I used about 4-5 pictures as references. I can't find them again, of course. Google 'westerns' 'wild west' and the like, you can probably find them. It'll be pretty obvious which ones I used. The only thing original is Niq/Tanneraq herself and the idea of colouring her in just greys. So...while I'm happy with the picture, I'm pretty darned disappointed in myself as an artist.

For :iconconstellation-senshi:

Niq/Tanneraq/Alaska/Sailor Ursa Minor © rindaimaiou
SW:TOR First Character by rindaimaiou
SW:TOR First Character
So I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic online just recently. This is my first character/story playthrough, and I'm already quite fond of her.
I skimmed through a baby name book to choose her name. Semiramis was the name of an ancient Babylonian queen, who turned into a dove when she died.
I drew all this from memory, I didn't have the game on at the time, so aside from her face, everything else is pretty much just half-assed. Even her face didn't turn out quite right. She has a slightly more Asian look to her, and her skin tone is more pale.
I specialized her as a Shadow Consular because I wanted the double-ended light-saber. No other reason, lol.
This is actually my first online game ever, so I'm still very much a newbie. I do plan to keep with it though. It's fun. Too bad no one I know plays the game, I'm not very fond of the idea of playing with strangers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic © Bioware, EA games, Lucasarts

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