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I should start a new account under the Sena user name, as that's what most of my online friends know me as, but that's just way too much effort. ^^;

Sena, rindaimaiou, rindai, horatia_d_sena, hdsena ... they're all me.

Not because I actually think I can do it, but as an incentive to at least try. So far I've got about 3,000 words, so...I am actually getting a start. ^^;
If anyone wants to add me as a writing buddy, my screen name is TLHarrington.
Wish me luck! ^_^
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Society of the Constellations: Ursa Minor
Seasonal Task 20: Society of the Constellations AU 
Across the world, supernatural creatures and forces exist that most people never know about. In many cases, this is a good thing, as many prey upon the living. Hauntings, monsters, vampires, demons, dark witches, and other terrifying creatures and phenomena… the list goes on. In order to protect humanity, the Society of the Constellations was formed.

I finished it on time! (thanks to the deadline extension) I guess I'm happy with it too. I have a solid 3-4 hours of research into this, so that's something to be proud of (except I'm using maybe 5-10% of what I researched). There were so many cool myths and deities and spirits in Inuit culture, but I limited myself to 7 for the seven stars in the constellation.

Name: Quamaniq Kinguyakki

Constellation: Ursa Minor

Profession: Inuit Shaman/Spiritual Guide

Specialty: Communicating with and summoning spirits (she specializes in Inuit nature spirits, but she can communicate with and summon ALL spirits)

Weapon: She has a ceremonial/decorative harpoon that has been passed down through the generations, but it it more symbolic than an actual defensive weapon.

Brooch: Tied into her hair, clothing, harpoon, or in an amulet bag

Background: Quamaniq was born in the high north of Canada, and was raised from birth by her grandfather to be the shaman and spiritual guide of their remote village. She has an unnaturally strong connection the the spirit world, and was called upon to communicate and deal with problematic spirits from a very young age. Often the spirits find themselves charmed by this strange little human who has no voice in the physical plane, but has the voice of a goddess in the spiritual realm. Many of them stay with her long after they've been "scolded" by her and essentially sent to their rooms (normal humans can't see them anymore after she "exorcises" them, but they don't actually go anywhere). She detests fighting, but not all creatures share her ideals. She is completely unaffected by spiritual attacks, but she is just as susceptible as any human to physical attacks. Her seven constant companion spirits, however, have no compunctions about using violence to protect their chosen human.
Being unable to speak, Quamaniq prefers the company of her spirit companions to that of human ones, but she is slowly, slowly starting to open up to her fellow members of the Society.

Her Seven Constant Companion Spirits (left to right)
-Kochab the Qalupalik: A human-like spirit with long hair, green skin, long nails, and is impervious to the cold. Qalupalik make a humming noise to lure naughty and unattended children to them, where they carry them away to their homes underwater. Some think they eat the children, some think they are lonely and just adopt them. Mismar is most likely to be the latter as he adores cute things. He has been with Quamaniq since she was a child.

-Ahfa the Keelut: Keelut are evil spirits that look like hairless dogs, they feast on the dead and are bad omens/predictors of death when seen by humans. Ahfa is a bit standoffish, but she is what she is.

-Anwar the Tornit: Tornit are essentially a tribe of giant humans. They are believed to be slow and kind of stupid, but incredibly strong. Anwar is... slow and stupid, but incredibly strong. He is a happy, gentle giant though, the most friendly of the seven, but he adores his little human and WILL use that strength to protect her.

-Mismar the Tariaksuq: Shadow Person. They are very much like ordinary people, but cannot be seen when looked at directly and only appear as a shadow in the peripheral vision. They are thought to be hunters that wandered so far that they entered the spirit world and got lost. Mismar takes exception to that. They NEVER get lost. Really.

-Epsilon the Tizheruk: Basically the Inuit version of Nessie or Ogopogo. 7 foot tall, with a tail and flippers, they grab fisherman off piers. Punishment for being foolish enough to go out hunting/fishing alone. Epsilon is a bit of a prankster and thinks he's very funny. Agreement on that varies depending on how "funny" you find being half drowned by a dinosaur.

-Pherkad the Akhlut: Akhlut are orca spirits that can transform themselves to wolf spirits to roam on the land (or an orca-wolf hybrid, depending on their mood) They also hunt humans foolish enough to go hunting alone. He gets on with Epsilon, and assists in his pranking, but is actually quite serious about drowning you. He's a big ol' grumpy pants. But a grumpy pants that loves his human.

-Yilduz the Ishigaq: (Hard to see, but they are there) Did you know the Inuit have fairies? I didn't. They are more 1 foot tall humans than winged fairies, but they're still fairies. They're so small and light that they can either walk on top of the snow and not leave footprints, or they just float right over it.

So far the only confirmed relationships I have in this AU is that Yilduz is absolutely enamored with Marie/Sagitta's (BishiLover16) fairy form. Finally, someone smaller and cuter than them that they can gush over!
I am looking for more relationships, so please, feel free to suggest something if you want.

All versions of Quamaniq/Sailor Ursa Minor (c) rindaimaiou


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