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I should start a new account under the Sena user name, as that's what most of my online friends know me as, but that's just way too much effort. ^^;

Sena, rindaimaiou, rindai, horatia_d_sena, hdsena ... they're all me.

Now comes the tedious sorting stage where you have no idea where ANYTHING is.


Meeting The Lady by rindaimaiou
Meeting The Lady
Task 2: Meeting the Lady
The Lady of the Stars has begun gathering the Constellation Senshi. Some of them she meets in their dreams, others in visions. Tell us about how your senshi meets our leader, and learns they are a soldier who stands in the ranks of the Constellation Senshi. 
Bullet; White 1. Please show your senshi meeting the Lady of Stars. She can appear however you'd like, such as in a pool of water, or in a different outfit or appearance. A reference of her official form is included below.
Bullet; White 2. Please tell us where your senshi's brooch came from. Did the lady lead you to it? Was it handed down by family? Did you find it in the attic, tell us where it came from! (Keep in mind the originals are from the tablets found millennia ago, and were in the possession of the original Constellation Senshi when they came to live on ancient Earth.

Finally getting my various task sketches coloured. Went back to my coloured pencils for this one. I seriously need a better program to edit my pictures though. This scanned terribly. Also trying my hand at short scenario writing.

*Niq was usually quite comfortable indoors, surrounded by her books and papers. For the last few weeks, however, she had had the itch to go out in the cold wild of Baffin Island and be a part of nature again. It had been many years since the family had gone out together, getting back to their semi-nomadic roots for the summertime. A long weekend finally gave her the time needed for a short hunting trip. She packed her warm clothes, a rugged old tent, her hunting knife and rifle, and piled it high on one of the families snowmobiles. Her siblings, as usual paid her no mind, father was working nights, mother and grandmother worried, as they always did, but grandfather smiled like he had a secret as he attached the brooch he had given her on her 16th birthday to the end of her long, thick braid. Normally Niq would never have brought the precious gift out to the wilderness in fear of it getting lost, but grandfather was one of the oldest elders in the city, and his advice had never steered her wrong.

There was no particular hunting site that called out to Niq, so she simply aimed North and set out. After several cold hours on the snowmobile she stopped to set up camp. It was still early enough in the year that there were several hours of full dark at night, so Niq wanted plenty of time to set up the tent, which was not particulary easy to do alone, but still possible with enough time. She dug up a fire pit, set the propane stove going, laid out her fur blankets, and went back out to pile snow around the perimeter to block the wind. She unloaded all her gear, dragging it inside. There were thoughts of going out to try and find small game, but the unusual physical exertion, and the fact she had also brought plenty of food, put a quick halt to that plan. Inside the tent had warmed up considerably, so Niq stripped down to her old army surplus long-johns and wooly socks, untangled her long braid, and flopped down on the furs to let the quiet surround her.

Niq was never sure if she had actually woken in the night, or if she had simply dreamed it, but the image of a woman with the soul of the earth and the eyes of the stars remained with her throughout the next day. Grandfather's brooch had been abnormally warm when she clasped it back on in the morning, and even after hours searching for game in the Arctic wind, seeing nothing but a Polar Bear in the distance, it still radiated warmth. As night began to creep over the snow, Niq turned back to the general direction of her campsite and just wandered, lost in thought, never once worrying about loosing her way. She never lost her way. Just like grandfather. Once the dark settled over the vast expanses of ice and snow, lights started flickering above her head in glorious display of the Northern Lights. Complete peace decended over Niq as she stared up at her families namesake. It had actually been grandfather who had chosen Kinguyakki as the families surname in the late 1960s when the government had allowed all of The People to choose surnames of their own, instead of using the dehumanizing number designations. She knew all the old stories on why he had chosen that name, the ones that said they were the descendants of the children of the stars, sons and daughters of the goddess of the Aurora. She had always felt the deep, ancient, cultural bond to the lights, but tonight, as she stared in wonder at the rare red veils of colour instead of the more common green, she felt a shift in her inner being. A strong up-welling of power, and an even stronger wave of awareness to a looming threat.

The woman came to her again that night, and once again Niq wasn't entirely sure if she was a wake or asleep during the encounter. In the end, it didn't matter. Visions were often considered just as real, of not more so, than "reality". The only words the earth and star woman said to her, "time to emerge from your long hibernation, my darling little bear".

In the morning, Niq packed her gear immediately, and made her way back to Iqaluit. Her mind, aware of trouble on its way, nonetheless was calm and steady. The future was full of uncertainty, but all futures were uncertain in this life. Peace settled like a fur blanket around Niq. Forewarned, was forearmed and she knew that this future would not be faced alone.

Quamaniq "Niq" Kinguyakki/Sailor Ursa Minor © rindaimaiou

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